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    Thread: New Pond - Additives to help fish survive

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      New Pond - Additives to help fish survive

      We have built a new pond. About 4200 gals. Been in for about 3 weeks. Taking existing pond fish to pond this weekend. What is best chemicals to add initially to help fish survive in new pond. We added 2 filters and 1 bio filter 2 weeks ago. Added bacteria stuff - forget name. What about salt. Been checking all water tests for 3 weeks. Added soda because of ph. Trying to get ph level as ph level in existing pond. What to add to give fish good start in new pond? Thank you,

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      if the water has been in that long, you don't need anything except to balance the ph/kh.

      The fish waste will seed the biofilter, no salt needed. There's some already in your water.

      Did we get to see pics?

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      Initially, water is the only chemical needed, but monitor the ammonia and nitrites. The filters have been on the pond without fish and food to feed the filter, so the filters will need to cycle to the appropriate level for the fish. If ammonia levels go up, a good ammonia binding dechlor will help the fish get through this part of the start up. Once nitrites show, some salt may be needed to protect from brown blood disease. But for now, just water.

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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      PapaBear is offline Senior Member
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      Ditto to what Cindy and Richard said. Additives are fine for bandaid treatments when needed, but there is no substitute for good water, good fish, good filters, and time...

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      dick benbow's Avatar
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      I think what tickles me is the mentality we've all been taught thru various marketing campaigns.


      The truth of the matter is that each one must learn to manage the water in their koi pond. Most filters take a minimum of 6 weeks to start up ( with or without starter bacteria ). During that time you must steel your heart on feeding but the bare minimums to keep the fish going, while checking water parameters maximumly! Salt can help if there is issues but consider it a medicine and only add when needed. So have some proper rock salt (pure no additives like anti-caking etc ) on hand just in case. There are many threads on filter cycling in the archives but if you have a concern jump on the board here and ask. What you might do to help us if needed is to begin a log of your daily water testing so if we have to ask questions to understand what is happening you'll have the background to fill us in....
      Dick Benbow
      "The Koi Coach"
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      Do you take meds when your not sick?

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