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    Thread: Anyone Else Grow Orchids on Here?

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      Anyone Else Grow Orchids on Here?

      I recently got bit by the orchid bug. I've mostly grown phalenopsis moth orchids for the last several years in the wood baskets outdoors on my porch. This year I discovered that cattleya orchids are mostly all fragrant. What?! All this time I thought orchids did not have a scent, except for some rare one that smelled like chocolate or coconut.

      So, I just bought my first 3 cattleyas (one delivered, waiting on the other two) and am wondering if anyone else has any experience growing cattleyas and has any pro tips to share.

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      I am very new to orchids, but I’m hooked! It all started with the BOGO at Publix. I bought 2, and the next day went back for 2 more. They are Phals, because it’s all they had. I can see Cattleya’s in my future Here’s my beauties!
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      My DW is an orchid lover. But I am not sure if she will continue with it now since we moved here to WA. She had a lot of them around the house back in SoCal. They are (to me) hard to take care of.

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