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    Thread: Pond building progress, Dallas TX

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      jaycee is offline Member
      is Building my first pond
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      Apr 2023
      Dallas, TX

      Pond building progress, Dallas TX

      I recently purchased 4 nice koi from the koi auction, and they have been happy in the QT tank.

      I have been actively DIY building a (hopefully) high performance koi pond and I'm in the last few stages before I can make major modifications. Can someone chime in if my plans are sound and if anything should be considered?

      Approx 3500 gallon pond, 6 feet deep, 13x15 rounded shape

      2 koi toilet aerated bottoms drains with 4" pipe -> ultra sieve iii aquaforte (7.6k gph) -> pump -> bakki shower DIY with red lava rock (cannot get featherock) approx 450lb of medium -> split into 2 gravity fed TPR's on a 3" line

      1 no niche skimmer (3300 gph) with 3 inch pipe -> pump -> ultima 4000 filter -> 110W evo UV -> waterfall bog w/ winter bypass for underwater pond return

      I am planning to add 3 s/g filters in the future before the bakki showers ( but not today )

      Some other things i'm nervous about is the choice of gravity fed TPR's ( bakki shower should be high enough ), and missing tips or tricks that limit me in the future
      ( auto-fill, foam fractitioner, plumbing gotcha's. )

      I have knife valves to control flow into the sieve, planned union around equipment. And I'm currently pouring concrete and rebar in the blocks. My filter pit is totally make shift, but will be insulated and reinforced with brackets

      DIY bakki guide:

      Name:  350652303_982043303149441_3543171215014997516_n.jpg
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      Name:  350793069_146316165107576_1219055733495386951_n.jpg
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      NaturalK is offline Senior Member
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      Jun 2020
      Nice, another Texan. I'm about 2 hours south west. My koi are definitely jealous of the space yours have to themselves

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