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    Thread: Rebuilding for a safer pond edge?

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      Rebuilding for a safer pond edge?

      It's been a while since I've posted anything.

      This is what my pond looks like now. It has rocks all the way around. The rocks rest on a ledge about 10 - 12" below the water level. It's a liner pond. There is a two-level stream that pours into the pond. It is very beautiful and semi-naturalistic, but -- the edge is very uneven and parts of it are a little unstable. The stream itself it lovely, but gets impressively filthy from all the tree/plant debris. I want to redo the edge of the pond so it is level and eliminate the stream - i would just have the water go into a reservoir just before the last fall into the pond, and eliminate the rest of the stream. It is getting harder for me to work around the really uneven edge and I want to simplify the cleaning as much as I can.

      I have been thinking about eliminating the rock edge, and bringing up the liner over the ground at the top (I realize it would need some sort of retaining wall), and then do a flat edge of flagstone or pavers around the edge. Are there other ideas that would work? Pictures of options?

      Thanks so much.
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