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    Thread: How to know whether you’re overfeeding/under feeding?

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      I no longer have koi. I used to pre soak the food so it would sink and the other smaller or shy koi would get more food. But I noticed a lot of particles of the food would come off as well as oils. So I did some research and that is what I found. It also dirties up the water more. I never added anything to there food as I was a hobbies and not a koi show enthusiast. There are many quality foods out there for your koi that dont break the bank. However when it gets to showing koi. Well the gloves come on and all hick breaks loose. There have been food wars on KP and Im sure you can find them if your interested. I personally have used many different koi foods over the many years of owning koi with no ill affect. And can only say that some of the brands I used left a lot of residue in the bottom of my filters. Other than that no problems. Koi lived healthy lives well into their 20s and then I moved on. That was good enough for me.

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      To catch fish in a big pond you would purchase a long enough seine net with weights along the bottom and

      floats supporting along the top to stop it sinking.

      Ropes attached to each end, and two friends guiding the net from one end of the pond, herding all your

      fish to the other end.

      You would then select the winning fish and catch with your round 500 mm or 1000mm net and bowl and

      bag them.

      With just enough water to support them vertically bag laid flat ,the bag would be blown up with oxygen

      and the bag mouth twisted and bent over and

      sealed with a strong rubber band.

      The fish bags should be laid parallel to the vehicles axles, to prevent breaking tails or splitting lips when

      applying brakes.

      I preferred a 1000 liter Flo bin, filled to 750 liter, modified with a removable cut top to get the sock net

      in to catch the fish

      at the show.

      A 12 volt inverter, driven off the van battery,driving a 40 watt air pump with 2 x 200 mm air stones to

      keep the water turning over and the fish happy in transit.

      Plastic bags are an absolute pain with too many fish.

      and the fish happy in transit
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      Using a Seine net is exactly what I do for the winter move. Its a big job and stresses the whole pond out. Also, I need to incorporate 2 other friends/family members. Personally I'd rather just wait and call in that favor for when I need it to move the fish to their winter home.
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      If they keep eating I keep feeding when it's warm. If I walk up and they're coming up to eat I'll feed. It translates to a handful every couple hours in the summer. I taper off in fall and right now I'm not feeding at all because the water temp is below 50.

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