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    Thread: What type of Kois are these.

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      Jennifermariar is offline Junior Member
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      Jul 2022

      What type of Kois are these.


      I got a few 'mutt' Koi, that i have not been able to figure out what Koi types they are. Maybe someone with more exprience could take a guess. Both Kois are less than a year told. So babies but they have done some growing and their colors are really coming in.

      1. Drogon
      My favorite of my baby kois so far. She... I think its a She from how her body is shaping. Much rounder in the front, is a butterfly Koi. I wish I could have gotten a nice picture of her dorsal fine because when she fully extends it plus her black eye markings she looks like a dragon. Yellow-orange, black and white. I think she has some Gin Rin because her scales shine. She also kind of looks like she has a net pattern emerging on the black down her body. And she has these distinct black markings in front of her eyes.

      2. Phantom

      6 inches long. Approx 4 months old
      Normal Koi. Red orange and black markings with a white body but has a blue under tone in the white that catches in the sun. Very pretty to see. But hard to catch on camera. Not sure what Koi variety has a blue undertone...

      What do you all think? Thankd in advance for the feedback.
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      fly4koi is online now Senior Member
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      I'd probably call it a sanke given the 3 colors - white, red/orange, black.

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      Jul 2012
      The second one is a sanke. Not sure about the first one, the longfin metallic one. The scales are not well defined, but seem to have a little reticulation to them like a kujaku.

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