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    Thread: Koi with red veins but only on white part of body , no red on fins.

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      Mar 2022

      Koi with red veins but only on white part of body , no red on fins.

      Hello, pond set up roughly month and half ago.
      8 Koi total. One of my largest Koi has some red veins but only on the white parts of its body , none on fins ect.. No other fish with this either.
      Parameters are all good and in check, checked with a liquid test.
      Pond size just under 4,000 gallons.
      acting completely normal, eating, moving ect..

      Just wondering if anyone knows what it could be?

      Thanks in advance.
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      I don't know the cause, but thought I'd respond since this question has been here a week. The white area of koi can become a little pink when they are stressed by something. I'm glad your chemicals are testing good. That's often a problem with new ponds, but yours should have gotten the nitrogen cycle going by this time. It could be a parasite, or a holdover from chemicals that may have been out of range until recently. If one koi gets a little pink, I typically leave it alone and just keep an eye on it, unless other warning signs appear. It's a good sign that the fish is eating.

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      Koi can also get sunburn, especially in water that clear. This is common in non metallic varieties with white in them. However sunburn tends to look more rashy red rather than spider veining. Here is an article I wrote about sunburn. As stated previously, it is some sort of stress involved usually, be it environmental or o otherwise. https://hanoverkoifarms.com/koi-rashes/

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