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    Thread: New koi, extreme lethargy. +Mystery nitrite source.

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      koikoikoikoi is offline Junior Member
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      May 2022

      New koi, extreme lethargy. +Mystery nitrite source.

      New koi, much smaller than pond mates, has been laying on the bottom of the pond for the last 2 days. Faces the corner most of the time but has shown improvement from laying on his side. This is the only koi struggling so far.

      Is this related solely to a nitrite spike I had or could this be disease/virus? I have a separate 125 gallon and a spare heater. Should I quarantine or would that make his condition worse?

      Backstory: I saw new koi laying on his side after about a week of normal swimming. Tested the water immediately and found My filter suddenly started struggling. .5/5/40 unbelievable to me because I had changed the water recently. Did 75% water change, dosed with nitrite detox level of prime and I Had stopped feeding 4+ days ago but there seems to be nitrites doubling daily. .25 after water change last night to .5 tonight. Nitrates seem to be accumulating as well. Source is a mystery because I havenít fed them in at least 4 days.

      Any help would be appreciated. I would be devastated if I lost them.

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      fly4koi is offline Member
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      Apr 2019
      What's your KH level? Add baking soda to keep the buffer up, it seems like your biofilter had crashed and it's restarting, recommending daily water change of maybe 25% (remove chlorine if possible) until you no longer test nitrite nor ammonia.
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      SimonW is offline Senior Member
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      Jul 2018
      If nitrit is the problem and you have no problem with ammonia, adding NaCl is easier to do than daily water change. Add so much NaCl that Cl-ions are at least 100-fold of nitrite.

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