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    Thread: Hayward Filters & Newb questions

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      Hayward Filters & Newb questions


      Newbie here. I'm having a 12x8x3 pond built and I have a question about whether or not its okay to use a Hayward filter. I've done a bunch of research and the Ultima II is what I wanted to go with and what I requested from the builder but he's saying that he is unable to get one right now and doesn't know when he will be able to. He's saying the Hayward brand pump is very similar and will work fine for my application. I don't intend on keeping more than 2 or 3 koi, the rest will be goldfish. Question one, is the Hayward brand filter okay to use?

      Besides the filter, I have a bottom drain question. The pond will have a kind of bottom drain in that he said he'll basically dig a trench for a 2 inch pipe. He then has the pipe laying in the trench top top of the liner and this acts as a bottom drain -- so he's not actually going through the liner like a true bottom drain. I've already agreed to this build and the type of drain he is putting in so I know this is after the fact but I'm wondering what the community here thinks of that type of install? What percent of the effectiveness of a true bottom drain if any will I achieve? Overall the builder is trusted in my area and he has good reviews.

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      Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen!
      I've never used Hayward filter but found a past thread that talks about comparing it and an Ultima II:


      Do you have the Hayward pump model number?

      His bottom drain (BD) design really isn't like a normal one at all. They're normally run with larger pipe (3" or 4")
      to allow gravity flow from it to filtration as opposed to going directly to a pump. And not going through the
      liner also prevents gravity flow by having to go "up and over" the pond edge. I can't guess what percentage
      of efficiency it might have compared to a regular BD, but it sounds like you will be severely limited to ever making
      any changes to the pond design without starting over.

      Here's a thread that goes through the basics of filtration that you might want to consider:


      Good luck with your build! Feel free to post pictures of the progress and ask questions if the contractors planning
      isn't making sense.

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      visuvius is offline Junior Member
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      May 2022
      Hi and thanks!

      I'm not sure which Hayward model it is but I can find out in the morning.

      I had found that thread you linked but its ten years old at this point and I was hoping to find more recent information. Forums are great but sometimes, especially when you search, you're looking at conversations from very far back indeed! I'm sure much of the info is still relevant.

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