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    Thread: Pond shut down. RDF, pumps, aerator, etc.

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      Pond shut down. RDF, pumps, aerator, etc.

      Greetings all. I have sold my fish and shut down my pond. I will be selling all equipment. I would like to first try to sell a complete set up for someone building a 5000 gallon pond. I will hold onto everything until buyers have been able to decide if they want an entire filtration system, then will start parting things out. For the last several years I have kept 4200 gallons spotlessly clean running an RDF to a shower and also some submerged media. Also a drop in UV light (which will not be included). The equipment that I offer should be able to scale up to a 7000 gallon pond. Maybe even slightly more.

      Red Label Basic 25 RDF. I need to put a new motor in it, it failed at end of season. It is sitting on my work bench now and this repair should be fairly easy. Might be a wait due to parts shipping. I have converted this unit to use plumbed water to rinse the filter. Rather than using the somewhat unreliable pump to drive the cleaning cycle.
      3 Eco twist pumps. These pumps have been awesome. They are true multi speed pumps. You can speed them up or slow them down 1 watt at a time. Great to change speeds as seasons change. Dial it down to lowest setting for winter, highest for summer. Run two pumps off the RDF. have one spare sitting aside.
      Shower and media. I have some cermedia and some of the cylindrical shaped product that is very similar. Enough to keep 4200 gallons crystal clear.
      Large aerator. Actually three, two 100's and a 65.
      If you were to buy this collection I would include four 4 inch valves. Two knife and two ball. Many Fernco connectors and other plumbing hardware. basically you would be set up with a nearly plug and play system to hook into a pond with two 4 inch bottom drains and one 4 inch skimmer line.
      2500$? once the RDF is fixed? Less if you choose to fix it yourself?

      Also I have a water fall weir. A nice stainless steel unit that makes a beautiful clean waterfall.

      Also, I have a Blue Eco RDF. These units were amazing until they failed. Many have retrofitted them. I replaced mine then started working on retro fit. It has a new motor (grill motor) and is belt driven. I have a solenoid that will turn water on from a house supply. I have not finished this project. But building a timer to turn it on and off and you would have a great running unit.

      I am in Minneapolis. I would consider driving to meet you. I will be negotiable on prices and willing to part things out once potential buyers have had the opportunity to buy the whole ensemble.

      Text me or pm me. 612-501-7443

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      Sorry to see you're closing the pond. I always enjoyed your build threads.
      ..WWKC Treasurer

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