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    Thread: How to find koiphen near about me?

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      How to find koiphen near about me?

      Are there any Carnivorous Plants that are compatible with a koi pond. I would like to incorporate some into the pond system. There are sundews in Lassen Park and in the Sierras around Lake Tahoe which are both close to me. Location is out side of Reno NV at 5000 feet, zone 5, cold, high, dry desert. A couple weeks ago it was -20 degrees. Now two feet of snow are melting. Summers can be 100 with dry wind.

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      Carnivorous plants are bog plants, koi will most definitely eat or destroy them if they can reach them. I keep my collection of carnivores in a separate area from my koi pond. However, I do have a floating basket of pitcher plants in the pond that have been doing well the past couple of years. they are the ones on the right in the photo. If one of the pitchers starts to hang over into the water, the koi shred it!
      You could do a floating island with a variety of carnivorous plants including the sundews, but I am not sure how well any of these plants will do in your winters without protection. You could move the floating planters to a greenhouse or basement when the pond freezes.

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