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    Thread: Scratched inner lip due to rough surface?

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      Scratched inner lip due to rough surface?

      My koi has sort of a scratched pinkish area in the middle back side of its lower lip. She likes to graze on the algae/biofilm a lot. So maybe just sucking on a rough surface? The area is not dark red. It just looks like a pinkish abrasion. I have been feeding a medicated food for 2 weeks thats preventative for bacterial infections This morning was the last day of the treatment. The spot has gotten a good bit better still a bit pink. She has been eating very well including chomping on my fingers.
      She is over 2 feet. My 2 other 12 inch koi do not have anything on there lip, but they arenÂ’t as aggressive when grazing, and of course their lips are much smaller.
      Has anyone ever seen abraded lips on koi from grazing? If it’s just superficial like an abrasion and my water quality is very good is it not really a big deal for it to be like that? Thanks.
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      A picture would be good. But to answer your original question, yes, my koi have had various abrasions, marks, bruises etc. on their scales skin/face etc. they heal up on their own for the most part. Just make sure you keep the water clean and the parameters are all excellent. Ammonia zero, nitrite zero, nitrate within a reasonable range; maintain your KH at a reasonable level (7-13 drops, or 125-250 KH)
      For me, it’s like kids playing outside, boo boos happen.

      Hope this helps

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