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    Thread: Parasite treatment

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      Parasite treatment

      Hi all , I have a question on wether to treat pond or not : ive done a few random scrapes and found flukes on one fish , the fish is around 30cm , hes not acting ill , in fact if i hadnt have done scrape i wouldnt have suspected anything , I have 12 koi and 8 gold fish , i scrapped 4 fish didnt find on any others . All behaving fine
      I believe its normal to have a small number of parasites that only become a problem when fish are stressed .
      Should i treat pond or leave well alone and monitor ?

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      Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen!

      Personally I wouldn't. In my experiences if I do a random scrape and scope it's not unusual to find a parasite.
      Especially with flukes, which I seem to never be able to ever get rid of them all. With that said, I also figure if I
      find one, you can bet there are more... so I'd keep a close eye on them, especially when they don't know
      your there. It seems they'll act like different fish when I'm standing (and possibly have food!) by the pond and
      they can see me... as opposed to watching from a little ways away so their unaware of me being there. I often
      can spot them flashing then but won't ever see them do it when I'm within eyesight.

      Enjoy the forum!
      ..WWKC Treasurer

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