I'm 2 days into a shotgun Proform C/Fluke M treatment on a 2000 gallon pond with 5 adult koi, 2 fry born in early June and 5 born at the end of July. So far all fish are fine. The issue is a food source for the July fry: Proform C kills algae including the algae growing on the walls of the pond. The June fry have graduated to small pellet adult food and the July babies are starting to try to eat it, but mostly they eat algae and pond microorganisms. I have never fed fry anything in the past other than crushing pellets and sprinkling it where they are hanging out - mostly they forage in the pond until ready for adult food. I'm wondering if the July fry will survive the treatment period with little to no algae or if I need to try to net them out for placement in a QT tank for feeding. Thanks for the help!