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    Thread: What is the pump chamber for really?

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      What is the pump chamber for really?

      Hi Folks,

      I am new to the forum although have been lurking for some.

      Most (if not all) gravity-fed filter designs I have seen uses a pump chamber at the end of the filter loop before returning the water to the pond. The pump is placed submerged at the bottom of this chamber sucking water from within this chamber.
      In normal time, the input to this chamber is water from previous chamber. In maintenance mode, the input would come from chambers being backwashed.

      This is ok although not so efficient in preserving water. During backwash, the water from the the pump chamber itself would need to be drained off together with water from chamber being backwashed. This can be considerate amount of water if you backwash regularly in a large enough pump chamber.

      Alternatively, if all possible input the pump is piped with ball valve for each input, we can then freely select which input to take, either for normal run or during maintenance (provided the pump output is switchable drain/back-to-pond). With this, there won't be unintended water waste as the only water drained off is from the chamber being washed. This design will require external pump rather than submersible without any need for a flooded pump chamber. From what I've read, external pumps are preferable vs submerged pump. So, more pros.

      Am I making any sense? I am sure I am missing something, just couldn't see it!
      Some help?


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      In the States virtually no one does a pump chamber with submerged pumps. All my pumps sit on the concrete floor of the filter pit. One sends water through a bead filter to the pond. The other two push water to the top of a shower which returns the water to the pond.

      skimmer->pump->bead filter-> ports on the wall of the pond

      bottom drain->sieve (UltraSieveIII)->UV-->shower->pond
      bottom drain->sieve (UltraSieveIII)->UV (to same shower as other bottom drain)

      Hope some of that helps.
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      Yes, in US most use external pump with PVC piping connecting, so by using valves and such each chamber or filter unit can be backwashed separately. So yeah, you are making sense. With a multichamber trough where the sump is at the end, use of standpipes at each chamber would allow a sump pump to be placed in a chamber to drain that chamber only. So you can do it both ways, the external pumps are generally lower power for more flow (as long as you buy a low head efficient external pump).
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      Ditto MCAsan, in the UK this isn't something we do either.

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