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    Thread: Fuchsia

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      One of my favorite types of plants. I especially like the upright varieties and I got
      a few new ones this year but I had to work to keep them from burning up in the +100* heat
      we had this summer. With fall approaching here they're looking much happier :

      Name:  Image2.jpg
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      Name:  Image4.jpg
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      Name:  Image5.jpg
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      Name:  Image6.jpg
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      New one this year, Galadriel Fuchsia

      Name:  Image7.jpg
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      Name:  Image8.jpg
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      Name:  Image11.jpg
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      It's didn't come out well in the pic but this variety is the only one I think I've ever seen
      that has an orange colored center flower. It's called Neon Tricolor...

      Name:  Image12.jpg
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Size:  122.3 KB

      Smallest one I have!

      Name:  Image14.jpg
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      I feel
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      Just awesome I could never get them too last any longer here than late spring
      "most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song
      still in them."
      I wish I could sing


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      SouthernStarr's Avatar
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      May 2004
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      I love Fuchsia! It’s something I can’t seem to keep alive. I tried several times, but gave up. I always figured we have too much heat and humidity.
      Your is beautiful!

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      Very pretty blooms and your plants look so healthy. You did well to keep them doing so well in that heat. Do you have humidity there? I have tried several times over the years and always thought it was the heat & humidity was the reason they didn't do well for me.

      Koiphen 2013 Koi Person of the Year!

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      Quote Originally Posted by SouthernStarr View Post
      I love Fuchsia! It’s something I can’t seem to keep alive. I tried several times, but gave up. I always figured we have too much heat and humidity.
      Your is beautiful!
      I'm with you SouthernStarr. I keep seeing them in for sale in Home Depot and always try them but they never seem to do good for me. They are beautiful! Nice job growing them Steve! I'm jealous!
      "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence." - Albert Einstein
      "If not for mans ability to Mimic, most humans would probably still be living in caves, grunting at each other."

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