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EBI Shrimp Based Food 2lbs


Ebi Koi Diet is a Shrimp based sinking Koi food and treat. It contains over 96% shrimp with Probiotics to aid in digestion and over all well being.
A premium Menhaden Fish Oil additive supplies an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids with approximately 35% total Omega 3! Also includes balanced levels of EPA and DHA to achieve optimum health benefits.

Koi and goldfish find this shrimp diet/treat irresistible
2 lb bag.

EBI Diet consists of Shrimp Sticks, not Shrimp Pellets, approximately 3/16 in diameter by an average 3/8" long. Length varies.
Equivalent to 14lbs of Shrimp
Contains Priobiotics Baccillus, Subtillis and Aspergillus Oryzae
Sinking Diet, Great for those "New Pond Additions that don't want to come up and eat.
An irresistible treat for Your Koi and Goldfish.
$31.00 includes free Priority Mail Shipping