Finding quality goldfish lately has been a hassle. Import issues and the pandemic has closed a number of my normal vendors online and from shows. It has also driven up prices a bit. Having salwater didn't work out for me and converted my large tank into a ranchu tank (minus an Oranda test fish). To find anything of quality I found a number of dealers and opted to try Luminous as the reviews online were decent, videos from keepers on Tik Tok and other places were positive as well. They roll out new fish every Monday night, first come first serve with a listed price. The other weekend they offered a buy 3 get 1, buy 5 get 2. Dealer occasionally gives out discounts as well.

In my case I have placed 3 orders so far to fill my tank out. The fish are not cheap by any means, but you are not getting small fish. Most are 4-5 inches and very bulky. Fish are labeled with gender on the site so you can pick and choose as well for pairing and breeding. My first order spawned multiple times, some very healthy fish. Second order spawned once. Third and final order coming later this week. You can order on a Monday and it can be sent Wednesday and at your door Thursday. Dealer packs fish well and no issues in shipments. Every fish has come healthy and no dead loss yet. Dealer is also very responsive on Facebook and posts photos and videos there updating on what is to come.

Would definitely recommend if it is in your price range.