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    Thread: Looking for input on my backyard boys

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      Looking for input on my backyard boys

      Hi all. Iím a novice keeper that never really was good at assessing koi. Iíve hovered the forums for years and learned plenty about filtration, setup, etc. I appreciate all the knowledge sharing and community.

      Iíve raised these three males since fry and looking to know what type these three are, and their estimated value (if thatís even allowed on the forum, if not please disregard; I apologize). Iím curious really only for my own knowledge. I donít plan to sell the koi. I apologize (again) I donít even have a show tank, LOL. I know the one is a Shusui, but have no clue on the other two. The Shusui is about 22-24Ē and other two are 26-28Ē. Itís hard to tell by the pics but they are rather large. Thanks all.
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      I donīt know what the first one belong to. Maybe an aka matsuba? The second one is a shusui and the third one probably yamabuki.

      To be honest they are not worth so much, because they lack the attributes a good koi normally has. To understand why you can google matsuba, shusui respective yamabuki and you will see how good quality koi of these varieties look like.
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