Now, I know that this might be a silly question. But I had to asked. I have been to other ponds that the Koi would comes to you with open fins right away saying feed me, feed me. But my Koi are not that way. They ran and hide away in the corner somewhere every time I come and try to give them food. They seems to get spooked out too easy.

Last night, on the other hand, before I went to bed as I sat and watch them. They were swimming calmly as to my surprise. One of them (smallest one) especially jumped out of the water twice last night, I saw that personally. They were making water waves and acrobatic swimming (twisting and turning sideway) yesterday evening. That was the first time I saw them so calm with me sitting there watching them for a long time.

This morning they were back to hiding in the corner again, not sure why. It's almost like they feels more comfortable at night under a spotlight than during the day.