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    Thread: PSKoi - KHV Test Results 3-19-21

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      PSKoi - KHV Test Results 3-19-21

      The results are back and they are negative for KHV.

      When we test we are trying to find latent KHV as this is the worst possible scenario for having it. KHV will go 'dormant' and, when it does, it stays in the tissue, and organs, of the Koi. This is why doing a long QT with the proper conditions is so very important. Is it 100%? No, but it is the best possible way to find it in latency. In Japan they recommend heating for three weeks and testing. Heating, from all of the papers I have read on the subject, is one of the best ways to 'activate' the virus and bring it back into the blood. We do gill snips and the gills have the largest concentration of blood cells, that may carry the KHV genome, that can be had without killing the Koi to harvest its organs.

      Blood draws are another way to test that is very good but, it is my understanding, that the ELISA test will test for antibodies. If you get a possitive for antibodies you then have to do a PCR test to confirm a positive with the KHV genome. This is why we decided to do the type of testing we do. It goes right to the heart of the matter.

      False negatives are easy to get if you don't do the proper preparation before testing. Heating to 74 degrees, before testing, for 3 to 4 weeks is best. If Koi are tested in cold water or tested too soon then there is a possibility that it is being passed over. Skin scrapes being used for KHV testing are totally useless unless the virus is active as these tests were not designed to find latent carriers. Skin scrapes done, on an otherwise healthy Koi, will not detect the latent virus and after all, this is what we are looking for.
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