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    Thread: Turtle Identification

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      Turtle Identification

      Hey there!
      I've had my turtle for five years, but since I bought it when I was young, I'm not sure what is the species.
      I suspect it's a Reeve's Turtle, but again, I'm not sure.
      I really want to know the species so I can give my turtle a better life. I am getting a new and bigger aquarium, so I also want to know what are the essentials for a turtle. Because I got her when I was young, I didn't have much knowledge about turtles and how to take care of them.
      I took some pictures that I hope can help identify my turtle's species. And I'd also ask you to help me identify the gender of my turtle. How do I know if it's a male or female? Thank you for your help!

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      Hello Masa. Welcome to Koiphen. We love seeing pics of our members turtle.

      There is another forum you may like to check out too. It has members that are very good at identifying turtles and how to care for them.

      Here is the link to use. http://www.turtleforum.com/forum/upl...x.php?/forums/

      Best of luck to your turtle.

      Koiphen 2013 Koi Person of the Year!

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      I can't identify the turtle but he looks healthy, so way to go on that! +1 on getting a bigger aquarium. Please give him as much space as you can afford. Try to make it as much like his natural environment as you can. I would like to see his current setup. Also check out http://austinsturtlepage.com/
      They have a wealth of information there.
      Welcome to Koiphen, and thanks for posting.

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