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    Thread: Two Hi Fin Shark deaths

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      Two Hi Fin Shark deaths

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      Koi Savants:
      I lost two hi fin sharks today, but all my koi are just fine. I have a 3000 gallon pond, water parameters are perfect (ammonia & nitrite 0, KH 10, PH 8.15) I posted this on another koi site (on FB) and someone asked if I had used Fluke M recently - because that had killed a HFS in their pond. Turns out I had just switched from Prazi to Fluke M for my pre-winter preventative treatment, and I used Fluke M about 3 weeks ago.

      I don't have a microscope to scrape but from looking at the picture you can see what looks to be a SAP fungus, tinged with green from algae. From what I've read, SAP fungus is often a secondary invader, so it probably wasn't primary cause of death. Have any of you lost fish due to Fluke M use before? Ever heard of this happening with hi fin sharks? Just wondering if this conclusion is reasonable, given that both HFS's died, but nothing else was affected. Thanks in advance for your insights. gc

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      Very sorry for your lose.

      I have not heard of this. There are medications that work on koi but not goldfish. Goldfish can be carriers of disease that affect koi but do not seem to harm them. As close as these two species are I can only imagine what might happen to a totally different species (sharks). It looks like this might be an example of something to consider when treating a pond. Thank you for sharing and again very sorry for your lose.

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