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    Thread: My turtle is basking a lot and won't eat anything

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      My turtle is basking a lot and won't eat anything

      Hello everyone!
      I have 2 Red eared sliders one male (Torti) and one female (Squirtle).
      From past 4 days Torti has not been eating anything. I feed them once per day. I keep the basking lights on for 12 hours a day (i.e from 10am to 10pm) and I feed them in between 7pm to 8pm. Both of them are usually very excited whenever they realise that I am going to feed them. I give them bloody worms, carrots, capsicum and turtle food. I feed them bloody worms alternate days.
      Apart from not eating Torti is basking a lot. He stays in the basking area until the lights are on. If I go too close to the aquarium he or open the lid to see him, he gets spooked and slides to water and swims to the darker part of the aquarium. Usually whenever I use to go near the aquarium he would slide of the basking and beg for food. Squirtle still begs for food everything she sees me around the aquarium. Past month Torti had even started doing that fluttering claws thingy.
      My aquarium is 80 gallons and the water temperature is 78 F.
      I did a water change 2 days back assuming that it was the water which was making him behave like that. Before the water change the water temperature was 84 F and because of that Torti would only stay underwater only with his head out of water now that the temperature is slightly decreased to 78 F he mostly stays in the basking. He swims perfectly and there is no sign of RI that I can see. His shell condition is good and his eyes are perfectly fine and no body part is swollen. He swims for maximum 2 min after I move away from the aquarium and then goes back to bask. At night after the lights are off he slides into the water and gets to his sleeping posture immediately which is very strange as he does not go to sleep so fast. Around 2 weeks back torti had eaten the aquarium sealent but he passed it out the next day and was eating properly even after that.
      Usually Torti plays a lot with Squirlte but lately he is not doing any such thing. Squirtle had eaten some of her basking sponge and passed it out as well so I assume even Torti must have eaten it as he is around 10 times as naughty as Squirtle and Squirtle literally learns everything from Torti.
      I have not seen Torti poop either from past 4 days.
      I have no idea what needs to be done for him to start eating.
      Squirtle is her usual self and plays around, begs for food, basks normally and swims a lot.

      They both have been with me for a year now. Both their shell size is around 4 inches.

      Kindly suggest me what needs to be done.

      Tank size: 80 gallon
      Water temperature: 78 F
      Tank mates: 1) 2 suckermouth catfish. 2) 3 pairs iridescent sharks.
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      From what you are describing I would make the educational guess that your turtle has ingested something that has either made him ill or actually caused a partial or complete intestinal blockage. Not much you can do but let nature takes its course, or seek out a vet that specializes in turtles that could help out with at least an xray, or scoping.

      Some turtles are infamous for eatin rocks, and other objects
      like you said sponges, and aquarium sealant. Not your ideal of a wholesome diet

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