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    Thread: NextDayKoi - Israeli koi not bad but not the best

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      NaturalK is offline Senior Member
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      Jun 2020

      NextDayKoi - Israeli koi not bad but not the best

      I've ordered about $800 worth of koi from them. They are not like your Japanese koi, these were just some ginrin platinum, orenji, etc.
      Shipping - I think they did great. I did the minimal cost one ($55?). It's insulated, plenty of water, the box is marked, the fish are active upon arrival.
      Health - The fish, again, are active upon arrival. However, you will shortly find a problem with them from parasite(s). I did get in touch with NDK and they only recommend to use salt. I think it worked pretty well but I also treated the tank. From rumors, I heard their fish have been getting a lot of diseases from multiple buyers. However, all of mine are still alive and growing very well so I can't say it's that bad.
      Overall - They have customer support that will help you pretty fast. The fish are not show koi and a bit expensive but you can find one that you like here and there. Just be aware that the fish will be sick so quarantine it.

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      totallyvictorian's Avatar
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      I have purchased several koi from NDK over the years. They are some of my prettiest fish. I have never had an issue with them. I do quarantine for at least 3 weeks
      and have been very pleased. No sickness or disease. I am on a fixed income, so I cannot spend a fortune on fish, but the ones I do have are a joy to me.
      I wish you all the best with yours.


      Montgomery County Water Garden Society
      Clarksville, Tn

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      secuono's Avatar
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      Sep 2012
      Mine have all been 1-1.5 inch smaller than listed and the last time we ordered, we lost two koi. One got weird soon & the other got a weird ulcer & suddenly died. Others have been fine, healthwise. Most were a little underfed, too. No insulation in box, as I ordered when it wasn't needed. My location makes it $35 shipping. All arrived on time.
      Lived in my aquarium for 4-6wks where I start on medicated feeds a week after arrival. First week to settle, make sure they're eating & such.
      I'd order again if I found a deal I couldn't pass up.

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      deanzel is offline Member
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      Jul 2020
      Las Vegas
      The main issue is that their normal costs are just WAY too expensive for the Israeli tosai imports that they are. The costs for some of their bigger more "prized" fish are crazy too. You definitely have to find some fish on discount and combine it with a sale to get more reasonable prices. As for the customer service and shipping, they do a really good job. It's just that the quality of their fish are definitely lacking. You're better off getting Japanese imports at some of the costs for their more expensive fish.

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      pondfishguy is offline Senior Member
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      Dec 2018
      Los Angeles
      I've purchased hundreds of their small koi and never had any sickness issues. The colors tend to be very bright and great value for the price. I've also bought a few dozen on auction, all for $4 or less ( some for $0.05). The goal is to win as many auctions as you can to benefit from the fixed shipping rate.

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