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    Thread: What are the doses for Baytril 100

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      What are the doses for Baytril 100

      I have a bottle of Baytril 100 and I have searched here without success. I go this from a friend who knows a vet, but only had baytril 100. I having a difficult time finding the correct dosage. Iím not sure I even need this at the moment, but would like to have the correct dosage amounts on hand and in the box when the times may have to come.
      Thank you

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      Here's what I found doing some quick research, but please wait for more knowledgeable members to chime in.

      "Baytril 100" is 100 mg of enrofloxacin per ml of solution.
      "Bayril 5%" is 50 mg of enrofloxacin per ml.

      So Baytril 100 is twice as strong as the common Baytril 5%. Per the information in the Health sticky, I'm assuming that 'Baytrill 100' is the 10% strength mentioned below:

      Baytril - Enroflaxacin. A fluoroqiunolone antibiotic sold by Bayer Corporation. It is a bacterial agent. The activity of enroflaxacin is concentration dependent-which means dosage has to be precise-a major reason why some will complain that Baytril doesn't work. Susceptible bacteria cell death: (gram-negative and gram-positive), occurs within 30 minutes of exposure.

      Baytril injectable antibiotic is available in three strengths: 2.27%. 5% and 10%. The table below is calculated for 5% Baytril. Baytril in most cases should be the first injectable to use. It is powerful, forgiving, and in almost every instance healing is visible after three injections. The protocol for Baytril is three injections on consecutive days, then two more every other day (EOD) for a total of five injections. Like antibiotics for pets or yourself, it is best to follow through completely. Short-circuiting the injections will lead to resistant strains regardless of the injectable antibiotic used. Intraperitoneal injections are usually suggested and are the easiest and safest. Keep this product cool or refrigerate. Baytril is dated and has a fairly long shelf life.

      One more thing about Baytril. There have been some cases of new imports being resistant to Baytril. While I know this may be true, it can also look like Baytril resistance when it is actually under-dosing of the antibiotic. Measure carefully and refer to the charts for accuracy. If 2.27% Baytril is all that is available, the dosage on this Baytril chart can be doubled.
      The sticky topic provides these guidelines for the 5% solution, so I would cut these in half since you have the stronger Baytril 100.

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      ~ Jose

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      Just to show where you can later find a lot of this sort of info, along with many other health care topics on the forum, go to:

      Important Links to Koi Health Care Information

      The injection information is under the sticky: Emergency Section Koi Health Sticky and go to Part 19.

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      Thank you both. I wasn’t able to open PDFs when searching, so this is very helpful.
      Thanks again

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