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    Thread: sick Koi Help

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      sick Koi Help

      Have this fish that was really sick, took me forever to catch (pond is 45K gallons & deep) Put in quarantine tank, have given it Baytril injections for few days and salted the water, also done some partial water changes. Appears to becoming more lethargic, just sitting at bottom, skin is turning pinker and now a white film is showing up over body, plus noticed an odd bend/bulge near tail in body. The fish is about 6lbs and 26". Any suggestions welcome? Name:  6li1bD2.jpg
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      We always like to start with the water quality numbers. Too often the cause of problems is water quality and in the QT I am concerned that if there are filters, they may not be cycled well enough to provide a good environment for the fish, so please test and report the numbers for ammonia, nitrite, pH morning and evening, and KH.

      Based on description, "noticed an odd bend/bulge near tail in body" could be from a broken back. These are often caused by electric shock, whether lightning, or leaking pump voltage. And, "kin is turning pinker and now a white film is showing up over body" is a sign of irritation of the skin causing the redness and increased slime coat causing haziness of the colors. This irritation can be from ammonia burns, pH burns, or parasites. Without the numbers, I can't begin to diagnose which is the cause, but I would order some Proform C or Eco Labs BSDT, as the most likely parasite is costia, but if the water is the problem, the use of the parasite treatment will just compound the irritation and not improve the quality of the fishes life so it continues to go down hill.

      The fish also would appear to be emaciated which could be caused by the bend in the tail causing it to swim funny, making feeding difficult.

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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