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    Thread: Depressed Koi

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      Depressed Koi


      I have two koi fish in a 40 gallon (they grew up in a 40gallon). The past two weeks, the fish have been swimming slowly and often sit on the substrate. Sometimes they move away from the tank to hide when I get too close. They do eat normally but hide until I am done sprinkling food. Sometimes they are normal and swim all around or get excited during feeding time.

      They seem to be showing signs of depression or fear. My roommate owned the fish for several years in the fishtank and he recently moved out at the end of July. I know fish remember their owners and thought maybe they are sad for not seeing him lately. I've been living with them for 2 years, but was never the one feeding or caring for them directly.

      I did move them into a new tank a few days after he moved out. I kept all of the same decor/substrate and didn't clean anything. It was just a transfer of the exact same items in the same condition into a new tank. The water was very cloudy so I did a 50% water change after it not settling for three weeks. At this time I also cleaned the decor, vaccumed the rocks, and cleaned the canister filter (which was due as it hasn't been cleaned in a year). It was a lot, but my fellow fish hobby friend advised me to do it. The have been larthgetic since. This was done on August 22.

      Their previous behavior is to follow me around and get extra wiggly everynight when its time to feed, like clockwork.

      Does anyone have more insight into their behavior and if:
      1. They are depressed for missing their long time owner of almost 5-8 years
      2. They are spooked from moving tanks and all of the cleaning. Previous owner hardly did water changes and they were used to having the water get cloudy during feeding when they shift through the rocks, which doesn't happen anymore since the tank is so clean. A few days ago I added Prime and a Cleaning Bacteria to try and help get the bacteria back. The water tests came out good a few days afterwards. I didn't have the equipment to test water before then.
      3. I do have a blue crayfish (he's been with them for about a year). He molted a few days ago. Perhaps he was threatening them the past few weeks. No signs of damage to the fish.
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      Can you please provide numbers for:
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      Did the test just now. The last time I added Prime and the cleaning bacteria was on Sept 1st. Haven't touched the water since except for maybe adding a cup in to top it off.

      Ammonia: 0
      pH: I used the High Range test and seems to be 7.8
      Nitrite: 0
      Temperature is about 78

      Also including photos of the before tank that they were used to, which got algae a lot since it was near a window but we scrapped it weekly. Followed by a newer picture after I deep cleaned it and took out a part of the decor.

      I did start giving them new food recently and tried to do a gradual change from their fish flakes to the koi pellets. Feeding monring and night. I also cut back on lighting as they used to be on from 8am to 1am and now I have it at 12pm to 10pm.
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      The behavior is similar to the behavior of fish that have been visited by predators. The fact that you have transferred them from their old tank to the new tank means you handled them. The moving of all of the equipment means that they have a new environment. The changes to the filters and cleaning could have caused a change in the water chemistry that is now normalizing, more changes. Give them a few more weeks to settle down. The fact that they are feeding, just not while you are close indicates that their is little wrong with them, just fear reaction.

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