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    Thread: Cloved oil

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      Aug 2020
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      Cloved oil

      Can you please advise how many drops of clove oil should be used per 1 gallon to sedate koi for any treatment?

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      montwila is online now Supporting Member ~ Koi Health Care Committee Member
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      Clove oil or Eugenol can be very tricky. If it is pure 100% Eugenol then 5-10 drops. However some clove oil is only 40 or 60 % Eugenol. This makes dosing much harder. One wet lab we were comparing four different anesthetics. The clove oil worked but was the slowest and one of the fish in the afternoon session in the clove oil, never went down even when dosed double. Recovery from clove oil is also slower due to its nature (how it works on fish) and also if any oil attaches to the gills. It is an oil and must be emulsified very well before being put in the water.

      Any anesthesia has a starting point but the individual fish will determine how much to use. This is dose to effect. Sedating a fish is not just a thing to try. Is there a koi club near you that you might get some help from? They usually have someone willing to give you more than "a how many drops does it take" answer.

      I would start with several drops and be prepared to add more at half the original dose until the fish is at the level of sedation you require. But again please be prepared to recover the fish if it goes down too far. Eugenol can be very unpredictable as noted above.

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      I had to sedate a goldfish and perform a basic oral surgery on it earlier this year. I used clove oil and followed these instructions on sedation approach and surgery/recovery were successful: https://goldfishkeepers.com/communit...-goldfish.819/

      My observation is that pond koi are much less hardy than pond goldfish so you want to take the drop by drop approach very slowly. Emulsification, as mentioned above by montwila, is very critical; you don't want a bunch of concentrated clove oil to be stuck on the fish's side/gills and then have that or another koi get a massive sudden dose if the oil breaks free, this will likely euthanize a fish. Also, plan to clean the sedated fish multiple times after you've brought it out of sedation. Have several buckets of pond water to clean it in - remove it from the water filled with clove oil to the first container of 'clean' (no clove oil) pond water, clean fish, move it to the next container of no-oil pond water, clean fish, etc. Do not put any of that pond water back into the pond once it's possibly contaminated.

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