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    Thread: How Long After Fluke-M Treatment Do Fish Flash?

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      How Long After Fluke-M Treatment Do Fish Flash?

      Would appreciate information on how long after successful Fluke-M treatment does it take for koi stop rubbing or flashing?

      Only info on web is for praziquantel. It causes flukes to spasm and koi may continue to flash due to discomfort while flukes dislodge and koi heals. After two unsuccessful rounds of treating with Prazi Pro (confirmed by scrape and scope), learned of Fluke-M through Koiphen. Fluke-M’s manufacturer says it dissolves fluke’s stomach causing them to die. No information about how long to expect fish to continue to flash or rub after treatment kills flukes.

      Did three days of Eco-Labs BSTD (subbing for Proform-C and doing 25% water changes) with Fluke-M treatment on Day Three. Two days later, koi are still rubbing lightly against the pond lining. No other signs of disease or injury. They swim and eat as if nothing else is wrong, except for rubbing their heads. Although we found only skin flukes and no other parasites, plan to do second Fluke-M treatment after seven days just in case.

      Background: Bought home in Gig Harbor, WA with a 12’ x 13’ oval pond averaging 18” deep with 35-foot water stream dropping down 15 feet into pond. Beautiful but they did number of things wrong, i.e., rocks on bottom, shallow depth and placing beside tree that drops leaves. Pond is 16 years old, originally held koi, then goldfish only for past 10 years. Prior owners did not run waterfall regularly (except when showing home ) so inherited a mess. Neighbors with ponds showed me how to start waterfall. Was professionally drained, goldfish removed, cleaned and beneficial bacteria added in February. We cleaned again in March. Ten weeks later added seven 5-6” koi to the one remaining goldfish (hid during cleanout and only emerged after koi added). After about two weeks fish started flashing. After failed Prazi Pro treatment, scrape of fish showed dead flukes but some very large live ones. No other parasites present. By then started wondering about gallonage, so did salinity calculation and confirmed 1,800 gallons including waterfall. After second failed Prazi treatment found Koiphen, read five years of entries and decided to try Fluke-M.

      Pond has 5,500 GPH pump housed in traditional skimmer (one filter mat inside rinsed weekly and fine grate in front of weir door to prevent leaves and food from entering skimmer) and waterfall box with 2 filter mats and 2 bags bio balls. Also has an in-pond all-in-one UV/filter/fountain for a 1,200 g pond. Test water with API drop kits weekly, more often if problem. Use test strip to check chlorine. Change water 10% per week. Only challenges are recent development of string algae and need to remove rocks from pond and waterfall. Normally water is very clear. Fish primarily fed Hai Feng Quick Grow year-round koi food. Most fish doubled, or nearly doubled since June except one little Shiro Utsuri (aka “Little Guy”).

      Ph: 8.2 in am and pm (8.4 max) using High Range Drops
      Nitrite: 0
      Nitrate: 0
      Phosphate: 0
      Ammonia: 0
      Kh: 8 drops/143 (150 on test strip)
      Gh: 7 drops/125 (120 on test strip)
      Chlorine: 0 on test strip
      Salinity: 0.02
      Temps: Currently 64° in am & up to 68-74°in pm, depending upon whether it’s overcast or sunny during day

      My thanks to everyone who has contributed experiences and knowledge in past postings. Learned praziquantel doesn’t always kill flukes and I’m not alone in inheriting a pond that was not well set up in the first place.
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      Because flukes breach skin and gills to get at blood supply, the wounds will still be raw after the flukes are gone. It takes time for wounds to heal, and fish will still have discomfort until completely healed. I would expect the wounds to heal within 2 weeks, and then the fish will stop wanting to flash. If the flashing increases it is time to scrape again to be sure.

      Looks like the water is in good shape and healing should happen.

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

      Zone 7 A/B
      Keep your words sweet. You never know when you may have to eat them.

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      SJK is online now Junior Member
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      Aug 2020
      Washington state

      Many thanks for this information. The flashing was most intense the day after treatment and again on the second day, hopefully due to the flukes dying and disengaging. It’s starting to taper off both in frequency and intensity. Knowing that it could take up to two weeks means I won’t start panicking this weekend. Very much appreciate your reply.


      Adding a post script… It took about 2 1/2 weeks for them to settle down. Each day fewer of them rubbed against the pond liner and less often. Today, three weeks later, none of them seemed to be bothered. I think it was because our water temperatures dropped down to 60 to 65 on average due to the overcast from smoke and cooling temperatures. Probably took them a little longer to heal at the lower temperatures than they would have if the water was warmer. Thank you again.
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