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    Thread: Please sex this koi

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      Please sex this koi

      Hi members,
      please sex this koi for me. This will be my Dainichi female for 2021 spawning if it turns out to be female. Its name is May. I hope the offspring has its body shape.
      Name:  20200731_185402.jpg
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      Name:  20200731_185507.jpg
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      Name:  20200731_185500.jpg
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      Name:  20200731_185453.jpg
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      I'm not that good at telling by the vent. So others may have better insights there.

      Judging by the body shape, I look at the way the thickness of the body narrows from the chest to the tail. Males tend to have a steadily narrowing slant that is nearly a straight line when viewed from above. Females with eggs (if they have not laid them) will have a curve that can be seen from the side and even from above. So the narrowing as you go from the chest to the tail on a female will be very slow and gradual at first. Then at about 2/3 of the way down the length of the koi, around the vent area, the koi will narrow very rapidly. This one looks rather straight, with the body shape of a male, though a robustly built one. For mature koi, this body shape observation makes it easy to tell male from female on maybe 80% of koi, but for about 20%, the traits are less pronounced and can be mistaken, in really stout males and in some females that don't get all that eggy.

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