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    Thread: Help fungus/ ulcers

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      Help fungus/ ulcers

      Can anybody help got this koi aprox 6 weeks ago. It was a ugly koi special and had scarring split tail fin.They said it had been treated and quarantined. Brought home with 2 others from the same tank and quarantined them for another 2 weeks. Put them in with the other koi they were all doing great keep an eye on this one making sure no flare ups. Literally in 24 hrs noticed alittle fuzzy looking over the scales that were discolored and went to pull it out a few hrs later and now scales missing /bleeding. Looks like when you cleaning a fish with scales. Went to get some fungal treatment to put in the tube came back and double the area. Been looking up possible remedys from salt past/ peroxide/ betadine/antibiotic cream. Any suggestions where to start.
      Everybody else looks fine so far.
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      The best solution I have found is to treat topically with iodine but, it is now in your pond, so a whole pond treatment is necessary. Salt to 0.6% and Oxolinic Acid at 100 milligrams per 250 gallons of water.
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