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    Thread: Calcium blocks for turtles

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      Calcium blocks for turtles

      I currently work at a childcare centre that happens to own a pet turtle. He is quiet big and they say he is about 10 years old. I'm aware that I'm the past he has not had the best care and has even had some shell break off, way back before I started. Recently I myself have brought two baby turtles and I have had them for a few months now! They are super happy and active. (I've had them for three months now) Anyway I'm buying a new calcium block for them again and I wondered if the turtle at work needs calcium blocks as I don't believe he has one. Should I buy one for him?? Does he need one at his age. His shell is hard and he often spends time outside when he can. He is very healthy now! Just so you all know. I also believe he needs a bigger tank but I'm not sure if the centre is willing to buy a big tank for him as it takes alot of maintenance and space. He is about 6" and he is in a 2 foot tank, what do you all think?? Should I talk to them about taking him to a sanctuary??

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      That's a small tank for a 6" turtle. If they're unwilling to provide a proper habitat, I'd talk to them about a sanctuary. It's really not fair to the turtle. Thank you for caring!

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      Please join Austin's Turtle page. They have an ID section. You post pics of your turtle and someone can identify it. Until you know what kind of turtle you have you really can not give it what it needs. Some aquatic turtles will be fine in your tank and others can get the size of a dinner plate and weigh up to 10 pounds or more. If it is a female turtle, once it is mature, it will need a place with dirt or sand that it can climb out on to lay their eggs. They can die laying eggs in water.
      So please get your turtle's ID so you will know what to expect going forward. Best wishes to you.

      The link below will take you right to the Turtle Identification section:


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