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    Thread: My Pandemic Pond Build

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      SoloBucky is offline Junior Member
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      Jun 2019
      Chicago Burbs

      My Pandemic Pond Build

      First off I just want to thank everyone on this board. Over the past year I've spent hundreds of interweb hours researching building a koi pond, but I always found myself coming back to this place. This place is a tremendous resource. Thanks. I'm more of a lurker, but the pond turned out great and thought I'd share.

      Last fall I decided to tear up our little 600 gallon water garden with the idea of researching how to build a pond over the winter and begin building over the course of the following summer. Well with covid hitting I got furloughed and had time to, quite literally, dig into it. I had a rough idea of what I wanted, about 2000-3000 gallons, bottom drain, and a bunch of equipment I had scored off of Craigslist over the past year and a half. With that I got my shovel and started digging.

      Name:  0408201211_HDR.jpg
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Size:  241.4 KB

      The pond was off the side of the house and we'd be able to view it out the kitchen window. The house is a 1920's former cabin and we're working on remodeling that as well. Why not add a pond to the mix!

      Name:  0408201212.jpg
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Size:  240.8 KB

      Was using the existing cement walkway to help with the walls. Plan was to dig down about 2 feet with a wall about a foot or so. Didn't want to deal with pouring concrete so angled the dig down at about a 2:1 ratio which was recommended a few times on this forum.

      Name:  0415201202.jpg
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      Digging wasn't too bad. I'm a big gardener so used my tiller to break up a lot of the soil. Started to lay out the filter pit, skimmer and waterfall. Would have loved to had the budget for a RDF but had to go old school filter pit. Picked up a 150 gallon tote from Tractor Supply. The fiberglass rock waterfall was a Craigslist score. You can see where I planned the bottom drain.

      Name:  0416201631.jpg
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Size:  205.6 KB

      The shape was an organic process. Moving dirt and bricks around. It was going to be gravity fed so that was the biggest influence on the shape in the space I was using. Kid helped. We have a 300 gallon tank with Peacock Bass. She likes fish and wanted a koi pond too.

      Name:  0421201115.jpg
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Size:  249.7 KB

      Got the bottom drain cemented in and the air line run. Planned for a little flower garden to hide the filter area when it was all said and done.

      Name:  0421201004.jpg
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Size:  237.6 KB

      At this point I was getting close to liner time. I had set the skimmer and back filled the bottom drain line into place.

      I live in the NW burbs of Chicago. In an average May we receive about 3 inches of rain. THIS MAY WE GOT 9.5 INCHES OF RAIN!

      Needless to say, it halted progress.

      I continue this thread when I'm able to get some more pics uploaded.

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      Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen!
      Lookin' good!

      In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave,
      and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him,
      for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

      ---Mark Twain

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      perniciousviper's Avatar
      perniciousviper is online now Member
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      Sep 2018
      Welcome, from one seasoned lurker to another

      Appreciate your build is past this stage but was wondering why you didn't flip those blocks bottom right of pix so they tesselate (woo!) better? Something to do with a retaining lip or...?

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      Nguyen365's Avatar
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      Aug 2018
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      Glad to have you here and wonderful pond build keep it up!!!
      KoiTime USA Vlog
      1st house paid off at age 36 bought 3/2016 under 5 years
      Working on buying a second home.

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      SoloBucky is offline Junior Member
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      Jun 2019
      Chicago Burbs
      Quote Originally Posted by perniciousviper View Post
      Welcome, from one seasoned lurker to another

      Something to do with a retaining lip or...?
      Yep, there's a retaining lip on the small side of the trapezoid. Plus the texture is only on the larger side of the brick.

      I ended up staggering the bricks and using landscape adhesive to tie it all together. Spoiler alert, I haven't quiet finished the top edge of the pond but plan on tying it all together with capstones that I will be able to flip around.

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