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    Thread: A Little Color.....

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      A Little Color.....

      A Little Color.....and a big surprise. < g >

      The first is the bloom on a Indira Yellow Turmeric. A plant that resembles a Canna and adds a tropical look.....without the problem of being decimated by Canna lead rollers we have here In Florida....the bonus is, for turmeric users, this variety is the main source. While we have been dry and my pond water levels, as you can see, are low waterlilies are still able to bloom. The first blue lily is an unnamed blue volunteer with nicely mottled pads; the next is a cultivar named 'Bayou Blue', a waterlily that when given room and food can get huge. The largest pads I ever got were just shy of 30" and a spread of at least 15'. But as you see here, it can also be bloomed at a much more handleable size.

      The last is the surprise.....althiough I haven't made Victoria seed in three years, seedlings are appearing in the old tank which I use to store seed and that have gone unheated and dried out over a number of winters now. I'm not sure at this point which it is, but will have a hint when it floats its first pad.
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      Love the Blue!

      Craig, my Wanvisa is doing wonderful as are the Red Cup and Caliente! Very appreciative a year later as they are wonderful additions to the pond!

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      Nice blooms. I always get the canna leaf rollers. They really ruin the look of leaves.

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