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    Thread: baby turtle, might be sick?

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      baby turtle, might be sick?

      about four days ago i got a baby painted turtle, seems to not want to swim, spends most of its time basking and if i do catch it swimming its always at the surface trying to get out through the glass or floats (with is head and tail pointed straight up, not moving just like how people float in pools)or he swam when i put a turtle bone in the water and he saw it moving, the only thing he seems to want to eat is brine shrimp and maybe a few pellets, so far not interested in leafy greens, the basking area is around 85-90 degrees and the water temperature is around 80 degrees but i am worried it could have a respiratory infection?
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      What you are describing sounds like normal behavior for a painted turtle. I got mike at the size of yours about 30 years ago. I only feed him Reptomin from tetra.As long as he is eating and moving well I would think he is fine.

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      He looks healthy to me....bright eyes and an alert posture. Water turtles are by nature "baskers", swimming is for the most part a function of feeding. I agree with Yorkie that Reptomin will provide a balanced diet. You mention the temperature of the basking area, but not the light source. When basking, a UV source is important. Turtles require UVB to produce the Vitamin D they need to to incorporate calcium into their metabolism and harden bones and shell. Hopefully you have a light source that approximates sunshine. As healthy as he looks...I suspect you do. < g >
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      I recently found this little terrapin in our ornamental pond. How he got there is anyone's guess, maybe dropped by a bird? However he got there, he seems happy enough in his new home....ornamental pond connected to the main pond system. River in background in case he wants to explore...

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