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    Thread: HELP - Sick Turtle

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      Exclamation HELP - Sick Turtle

      Hey guys. New here. I have a 3 month old Murray Short Neck Turtle. I took him to the vet because he is floating. From my understanding it could be RI related. The vet has worked with turtles (exotic vet) but couldn't find anything wrong with him. No mucous etc. He is shedding though. He's active, eating and swimming but is unable to sink down. He's stuck at the top. I've followed vet advise to induce a 'fever' by upping the water temp to 29C to see if any mucous comes out. She's reluctant to start antibiotics due to his age and size. He has a UVB and a basking spot. What else can I do to help him? Especially if the vet won't prescribe anti biotics. Is normal bloat likely to be the cause? He won't eat vegetables yet (I keep trying) but eats turtle pellets and frozen turtle food. If I've missed any info please ask!!!
      The photos were taken today to post here.
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      I know nothing about turtles but here are some other forums I've seen recommended before:



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