I've been using Optimal Fish Food for the past three years and wanted to share my experience with everyone. First of all, I had been using both Blackwater, and Dr. Smith for many years previously and good results. However, the prices of both of these products were creeping upward, so I went looking for another option. As an experiment, I purchased a 40lb bag of the Optimal Junior and simply start feeding it. The koi absolutely love this food, and I have seen no downsides whatsoever. The Optimal Junior is 42% protein (Drs. Foster and Smith Super Food is 40% protein), and 10% Fat (Drs. Foster and Smith Super Food is 10% Fat ). The fat content of the Optimal Junior is higher than most typical koi foods, but I have not seen any issues with water quality or with the koi. Another nice feature of Optimal Junior is that the bag contains a mix of pellet sizes, so if your pond has a variety of koi sizes, then even small fish can benefit (everyone eats the same product)!

Also, two years ago I started buying their Optimal Starter #2 for use in my koi breeding projects. The extra protein and fat of their starter foods help the fry gain weight quicker.

Another great thing is that all orders are shipped with free shipping!! The Optimal Fish Food is $57.00 for 40lbs

BTW, I have no connections with this company whatsoever! Just sharing my experience and hoping that it can help others here.