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    Thread: Lethargic Koi

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      Lethargic Koi

      Hi, I'm pretty new to owning Koi and don't really know much besides the basics.
      Today when feeding my Koi, I noticed one was lethargic and sitting at the bottom of the pond. He was fine the day before so I tested ph, Ammonium, nitrates and phosphates. All readings were normal except the pH which was at least 9. All other fish were fine but i Immdediately started filling a tub to temporarily place the fish while i changed 2/3rds of the pond water. I also added a tea spoon of epsom salts to the bath.
      This specific Koi is still quite lethargic and i Haven't really seen any improvements. I also noticed that a few scales have flaked onto the bottom of the bucket and his body seems a bit swollen. However, I'm pretty certain he has been that way when we first got him (3 months ago) but I could be wrong.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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      Are the scales protruding out, sort of like a pinecone? Hard to tell from the pics but it looks like this fish may have pop-eye and dropsy. If so, I'm afraid he's a goner, but let's wait for the more knowledgeable members to chime in.

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      Based on description, I am going to say that the fish is pine coning. This is a symptom of kidneys unable to expel as much water as the fish is taking in. I don't see a large ulcer which can flood the system with water going into the fish do to a break in the membrane called skin. This leaves kidney failure. Kidney failure is most likely caused by internal infection and that would require antibiotics to cure the infection, but most antibiotics are hard on the kidneys so probably not going to be of any help in providing a cure. You might try Tricide Neo as a spray or as a bath. The spray is done keeping the fish wetted with the bath mixture without putting the fish in the bath, but using a spray bottle of the solution. It is a pretty good antibiotic, but for a fish of this size, I don't know that it would be economically feasible.

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