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    Thread: 2 large koi with ulcers... need advice please!

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      MrsGriffin is offline Junior Member
      is Hoping to save my Koi
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      May 2020
      Ukiah, Ca
      Also, if I do have to use the MF/g, how long after the topical Tricide treatment should i wait before adding that to the pond.

      Sorry for all the questions.

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      Good find on the sticky info! Please don't worry about the questions. That's what we try to be here for.

      The TricideNeo for SAP is not something I have attempted but I see no issue in trying. I still think it is a good idea to do the MG/F treatment when it arrives.
      I don't know specifically how long the TricideNeo is active on the wound areas but there is no issue with using the two things together. I have used TricideNeo topically on a koi and it went back into a pond active with a MG/F treatment.

      The only time I have used the TricideNeo, I used it as a paste, not as a pure powder. I would put a small amount of the powder in a small container and add just enough of a cream or gel with silver in it. The brand I used was Resta silver gel. Clean the area with a q-tip, use another q-tip to apply the paste. I would leave the koi out of the water until it was reviving then I would move to the water. Once it seemed able to hold itself upright, I would release it.

      Still learning as I go but y'all can call me Marilyn

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