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    Thread: Koi Stocking My Flow Through Pond

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      Koi Stocking My Flow Through Pond

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      Hope I did this right
      Havenít been on for a while but figured I need a distraction during these weird times. We are almost finished doing what the city wants to legalize our pond. A huuuuuge headache. We had to fill in a lot of the pond to make it 20í from the property line. Its a flow through pond that gets thousands of gallons of water every day for about ten months of the year. We emptied the pond of all the goldfish. The birds had eaten every one of our koi!!! I really want koi. Nothing fancy. Don't care if they're ugly. Thinking of putting a couple large metal moving bird sculptures around the perimeter and another floating island with some plants and a sculpture to scare the birds. A friend whoís a master koi keeper has suggested two things. 1. That my koi will all get eaten no matter what i do and 2. To control population i should just get 20 male baby koi. Would love people to weigh in.

      I will be aerating for now with solar floating aerators as theres no electricity at the pond. Also would like to put some burlap or something on the sides to keep the soil from sliding in as our English Setter not only climbs in and out all the time, but heís suddenly discovered the frogs and stands at the side obsessing over them with the soul sliding in.

      Will vacuum bottom of the pond a couple times a year to collect the muck made by leaves. Weíre on a very limited budget. Thanks in advance.
      Just previewed the post and dont know why you cant see the small clear pool where the water comes in. Why is it clear but the pond has so much algae?

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      Looks totally different than a previous photo. Must be a large amount of nutrients to get the sea of green. Maybe extremely difficult to maintain as a koi pond. The steep slopes with many trees will wash dirt and vegetation in. Many predators to deal with. Possible filling with silt in a few years.
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      Thank you so much for turning my photo around! (Have no idea how to do that). And thanks for retrieving a previous photo (also no idea how to do that) but I LOVE seeing the before and after!!!
      You are correct that there were a lot of trees before that. Silt actually comes from the freshwater coming into the pond, which is why we created that sediment trap that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. We will need to empty it often. Also tons of foliage and debris have been cleaned up. I had koi in it for a few years and they did very well. However, when we emptied the pond, there was not a koi in sight, just hundreds of goldfish. I am hoping to making floating islands and to replant water lilies etc to give the koi cover. The pond is about 6' deep. We will do little by little to improve the ground, but one of the first things is to plant lots of water plants and plants around the pond. My husband is a gifted Perenial gardener and he's very knowledgeable. We spoke to someone in the County and he advised us about live stake installations so I'm looking into that. Also there was something about burlap with seeds......I know we're real amateurs but we didn't ask for the water and we don't have a choice (or a large budget) and the pond really cleans itself most of the time.

      Suggestions would be welcome.

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