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    Thread: Help ID issue?

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      Help ID issue?

      Name:  20200314_130136.jpg
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      Lots of rain the last few days here in So. Cal and looks like one of my fish has an infection of some sort. Any help identifying would be helpful. She has been with me for years, colors turn very pale in the winter and in the summer extremely dark with awesome netting. Water parameters all seem normal, except phosphates up. and nitrates up just a hair. Did a 10% water change, and planning a 50% change once the rain stops next week. I have 19 other large koi in the pond and no one else is showing any signs. Also, this fish is acting totally normal, and eating still.

      Thank you!

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      Yes, it is an infection. The scales are raised so I would topically treat with either iodine or triple antibiotic salve like neosporin. It's important to puncture the pocket of infection at each scale and clean that out so the topicals can work. Sedate and treat. Get under each scale to make sure you're treating the infection.

      You didn't provide water parameters or new koi info so I am trusting that you don't have a parasite issue as a contributor and that water parameters are such that they facilitate healing. I don't know of anyone that monitors phosphates in koi keeping, nitrates are so wide range that I'm unsure what up a hair means espeicially since you've had copious amounts of rain.
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