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    Thread: Information on how to move my koi

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      Bossman is offline Junior Member
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      Information on how to move my koi

      In the next few months I will be moving and subsequently I have to move my koi. Here is the information you need to know. The koi are all 6 to 8 inches, the move will require two full days. Catch and pack fish in AM on day one and acclimate and place in new pond PM the second day. I know not to feed for 48 hours prior to move. I would like to how many containers I will need, how many fish per container, how large in gallons each container should be. I really want to be sure my fish arrive in the best possible condition. What else will I need and what else should I know.

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      ricshaw is offline Supporting Member
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      Best to use same method Koi are shipped to customers. Large plastic bags with oxygen.

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      KoiJoyNYC is offline Junior Member
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      Greetings Bossman,
      When I moved my koi, I bought a bunch of 27 gallon store totes from HomeDepot.
      I used 30 gallon clear recycling bags doubled up, to hold the water and fish.
      Make sure you have the bags in the tote when you filling water and fish. Safer to carry the tote then the bag.
      In the vehicle, I had a DC/AC converter to supply power to my air pump, feeding each bag.
      Tie the bag snug around the air tube, zip tie, rubber band etc. Cover and your good to go.
      Hope that helps.

      Best of luck!

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      Marilyn's Avatar
      Marilyn is offline Supporting Member ~ Koi Health Care Committee Member
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      Fish that come in from Japan regularly are in boxes 30ish hours. With proper planning and packing, it should not be a problem. Your fish are small at 6-8".
      I would do what ricshaw says and box them like they would be shipping. You don't mention how many fish you have.

      1) fast them for 4-5 days. It's winter anyway, they shouldn't be getting a huge amount of food.
      2) treat the water with an ammonia binder like Safe.
      3) double bag them and provide lots of oxygen. That means a cylinder with O2.
      4) keep the number of fish lower since you have to have them boxed longer.
      5) as important as water is, with this size koi and travel time, put about 4" of water in each set. Fill the rest with O2.
      Still learning as I go but y'all can call me Marilyn

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      davidjensen's Avatar
      davidjensen is offline Senior Member
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      Yes fast them for 5+ days.
      Need more Koi

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      Don't worry about cold to warm. Warm to cold will shock them out.I used to get bags of beer cold koi from John @ Hanover and Mark @ USAkoi and toss them direct into 70F water at 3 am. 10 the next morning the food was on ! Just a handful for a couple days then buffet time. Get some screen or drop water levels ! Them suckers wanna jump when it gets warm !
      Unkle Ray(Abell) had a little heat in his facility as I recall so the Torazo/mix stuff was ambient when it hit Miami. Bradys stuff arrived pretty cold too.
      See the stress on the kinda shiro ? Typical of them The wimp of the koi world. Golden retriever vs American bulldog next to him
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