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    Thread: Hi, Does anyone know how to deal with this disease ? (Possible scale protrusion)

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      Unhappy Hi, Does anyone know how to deal with this disease ? (Possible scale protrusion)

      Hi could anyone help me, the scale on the Koi is kind of standing up
      I currently have Maracyn 2 in possession but I am not sure if this situation is suitable to use the med ?

      Thank you sooooooo much
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      It looks like dropsy is setting in. You will want to isolate it in a qt system while some people with better experiences treating it chime in.

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      Advice I have got from an expert in a similar situation was adding table salt to 0.3%. No iodine!

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      What I see is the beginnings of dropsy. Dropsy is caused by a condition in which the kidneys cannot remove as much water as is entering the fish. This can be from large ulcers, treatable, or from kidney failure, most likely not treatable. Before we start, we need to assure the water quality is pristine, so we always want to know the test results (numbers please) from drop type or better tests for ammonia, nitrite, pH morning and evening, KH, water temperature. Next look at the fishes belly and see if there are any sores, (common place for development of sores that progress significantly without being detected) and let us know what the pond, isolation tank, aquarium, information is as far as size and filtration. What I see is a lot of foam which is an indication of high VOC's caused by either spawning action, or insufficient frequency and volume of water changes. For now, I would change about 75% of that water and add salt to 0.8%+/- about 7 pounds per hundred gallons while getting us the numbers; The high salinity will make the salinity of the fish and its environment nearly equal, reducing the osmotic pressure pushing water into the fish that the kidneys have to expel. We will cover other treatments after getting numbers.

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      Not dropsy...It is a skin infection. If you look at each scale closely you will find that is is filled with liquid most likely. If you push on one you can pop it like a zit.This is proof it is a skin infection and an external infection and not internal. It can and will lead to internal if left untreated, and then it will become dropsy. Tricide dip helps as well as rubbing down with Neosporin. Of coarse injectable antibiotics like Amakacin will help tremendously.Salt pond to point 6%. Try to inspect for any ulcers but most likely there are none. Basically put treat it like the external skin infection it is and not the same as the internal infection of dropsy.
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      THE SCALE is standing up.

      ONE scale?

      MANY scales?

      ALL the scales?

      Pine cone effect.?

      Could you not take a better pic.

      Improve on the focus.

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