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    Thread: Advantage ESS 6400 pump

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      Advantage ESS 6400 pump

      Just bought a used Advantage ESS6400 pump. Great condition - very little use by its appearance - no rust on screws, etc. Question - Since I can't test it now until spring I tried to plug it in and run it for a moment to listen and see how it performed. It ran very smooth and quiet but when I felt near the intake and discharge ports there was very little air being moved in or out. Is that how the pump is supposed to work when there isn't any water flowing through it - I just want to be sure the pump is OK and not have to wait until spring to find out - thanks for your help

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      If ya really want to know just run a piece of pipe into the pond and another short piece back to the pond and plug her in.. keep the out put piece short enough so you can see the output..

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      The pump flutes are designed for water not air. The flow of air will be minimal.
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      If you want to know if a pump motor will operate, look in to the volute that houses the impeller. Briefly plug in the pump and see if the impeller turns. The same goes for the cooling fan at the rear of the motor axle.

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