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    Thread: Sudden koi death popeyes and swim bladder

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      Unhappy Sudden koi death popeyes and swim bladder

      My baby koi have been dying suddenly with 24 hour notice from perfectly healthy to swim bladder issues to completely dead with popped eyes and no other symptoms. About a week ago they left the first phase of quarantine and were introduced to (still quarantined) pond water that MIGHT be infected with some disease. The ammonia is fine (0.25 ppm with a 7.8 pH and temp 67.3*F) there is no nitrite, and their water is salted to 5ppm. ... Wait I just checked it and although I salted 5lbs for 100 gallons the salinity is actually about 7 or 7.5 ppm... would that KILL the fish after 4 days so suddenly and in such a manner?
      Anyone else seen this before??

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      That salt level should be about 6 or 7 ppt, or 0.6 to 0.7% and it should not cause death and definitely not death with symptoms of popped eyes. If it were the salt, it would have caused death much quicker than a week. For the eyes to be popped, in at least some cases, it is a sign of what is known as dropsy, where the kidneys are not functioning sufficiently to keep the internal water levels correctly and the addition of salt up to about 7 pounds per hundred will help the kidneys remove fish by creating a lower osmotic pressure between the blood at 0.9% and the pond water which should be near zero.

      Are there any other symptoms, bloating, flashing, breaching, clamping fins, etc, or reddened sores? What size are the fish? How many in what size pond?

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