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    Thread: ichthyophthirius multifiliis - Just one on one fish?

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      ichthyophthirius multifiliis - Just one on one fish?

      Hello friends:

      Today I found a single white, protruding spot on the back of a little fry (about 1 inch), and the size is about 1 mm in diameter. It is very difficult to see clearly as the fry is very agile. It does not do flashing or scraping, but swimming around happy and sound.

      None of other some 100 fries have anything like that.

      These fries have been outside without food in ice-cold water (water temperature 3-4 centigrade) for about 1 month. I thought that most parasites would have died. I took them into my garage the day before yesterday, and the water temperature is now about 18 centigrade.

      Earlier in the summer I feeded them with daphnia that I had caught in a river nearby, so I am aware that I may have brought parasites to the fries. I have read quite a lot about fish parasites, and I have observed them closely all the time. Never a problem. The closest I can think of is ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Can it be?

      Thanks for your thoughts. Tomorrow I will catch the fry and try to scrape away the white spot with a pincette or my finger nail.

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      Ich typically looks like someone sprinkled salt on a koi, so 1mm sounds a little large -- ich also tends to attack the whole herd at once, and can kill them fast. Can you isolate the fry with the spot just in case? Hopefully one of the Committee members with more fry knowledge will chime in.

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