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    Thread: What size/volume do I need to keep 3 goldfish for 10 days?

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      miamicuse is offline Junior Member
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      What size/volume do I need to keep 3 goldfish for 10 days?

      I have a pond that will need to go through some much needed work in the next few weeks, when the temperature is cooler and the dry season should be upon us in south Florida.

      I need to (a) drain the pool and clear away all the debris, leaves, seed pods and who knows what else at the bottom of the pond; (b) rebuild the piers at the bottom of the pond to support the bridge; (c) repair the piping of the intake pipes to the pump where a tree trimming crew dropped a heavy limb into the pond and cracked the pipe; (d) rebuild the entire bridge since the underlying lumber has rotted out.

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      I estimate I will need about ten days to do this, and need to find a place for the three goldfish that are currently in the pond. They are about 5"-6" in length. I understand a good way is to buy one of those kiddie pool and put them in there.

      My question is how big a kiddie pool do I need for three fish? I assume a wheel barrow or a whiskey barrow is too small right? What about three five gallon bucket one for each fish that will be too small as well?
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      Orlando is online now Senior Member
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      Being that's going to be a temporary thing I would recommend one of those slightly taller tubs that you can find at Lowe's or home depot since they are in the 30 to 40 gallons range and are easily covered.Name:  20190507_123108-1.jpg
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Size:  179.7 KB Here's a picture of the one am referring to.

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      I think it'd honestly be better to have smaller volume and larger water changes if you don't have a cycled filter. Otherwise ammonia would build up. I'd do 90% water changes a day (make sure the parameters are the same) and use Prime. They should be fine.

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      Melinda1102 is offline Senior Member
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      I would go with a little bigger than you think you need. Construction always seem to take longer than we expect it to. I hope it allowed i am going to link amazon small kiddie pools what is great is they can later be used as a quarantine of emergency tank if needed.


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      Remember goldfish will jump so whatever you get needs to be covered. I would go with a sturdy Rubbermaid 100 gal tub. It has a drain plug in the side, so easy water changes. You could use it in the future for quarantine tank or hospital tank.


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