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    Thread: Koi Needs a New Home

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      May 2017

      Koi Needs a New Home

      Hi Everyone,

      I am fairly new to the site. I have a 10 year old Koi named Feesh who I love dearly and must give up for his health and safety. I have been in touch with Koi Netters but have not heard back and the end of the summer is here. There are no Koi clubs that I can find anywhere near me and I found out that I am not allowed to build a decent sized pond on my property due to the covenants of our development. I had a potential home for him but the pond was no safe- it was subject to road run-off , was small, and had no filtration at all. (The woman who wanted to take him also stated that she wanted to keep him in her aquarium which was smaller than the one in which he currently lives.)

      Currently, Feesh resides in a 75 gallon aquarium which he has broken out of on one occasion. He has begun to thrash against the glass top (which I have had to tie down) with some regularity and injured his tail several weeks ago. He needs a much larger space and I am not able to provide that for him and it breaks my heart. I know he is not a fancy Koi- he came from Petsmart but he is special to me and I want what is best for him.

      If anyone lives near Rocky Mount, North Carolina or knows of anyone who could take him, I would be eternally grateful. For reference, I am about an hour from Raleigh. I am not even sure how to safely transport him- he is fairly large. I am including pictures so you can see him.

      Thanks to all who read this. I am running out of time and I have been trying to find him a home for months.
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      up north
      Google Koi fish clubs in North Carolina. Many well pop up. Contact them and give them the information and pics. Maybe they can help.

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