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    Thread: Combining two established ponds

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      Question Combining two established ponds

      I have two koi ponds that are approximately 500 gallons each. They were conjoined at one point but a leak caused me to split up the two liners putting half the fish into two separate halves. I have since then resealed the two liners after a few months and am getting ready to combine the two again. My main concern is the different bacteria in each pond killing the fish when the two ponds are joined. I was advised at petco to swap the filter media of both ponds with each other to acclimate the koi to the other bacteria. Iím not sure if this method would work and would want to know the safest way to combine the two ponds without harming the fish.

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      Welcome and thanks for joining Koiphen Justin!

      How long have the ponds been separated? Do they both have complete filtration systems and were able to operate well on their own?
      How are they connected?

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      I wouldn't listen to anything from petco. They have some of the most disease ridden koi on the market, you can almost always scrape and scope one of their koi and get some nice parasite examples. I wouldn't worry about it from the bacteria perspective, maybe check the temperature and PH to make sure they are close, if not you could do some partial water swaps every hour or so for half a day before opening them up , but if the fish are healthy in both halfs, there really isn't much to worry about, swapping media might cause more stress on the fish based on the media itself being agitated.
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      Zac Penn is offline Supporting Member
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      I am curious as to how you are going to join them, and how you split them in the first place? Did one pond overflow into the other one? Having two 500 gallon ponds is pretty small for koi, and even if the water is shared between ponds, wouldn't make it a 1000 gallon pond (which is still pretty small for koi). I am sure you don't want to do this, but have you thought about building a larger more appropriate koi pond with the assistance of the Koiphen community? You can search through hundreds of DIY ponds and many ponds built by professional members of this forum.
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